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Inside The Royal Mews: The Horses taking part in The Royal Wedding

Preparations are now well underway for the marriage of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle at Windsor on 19 May 2018. After the wedding ceremony, His Royal Highness and Ms. Markle will take part in a Carriage Procession around Windsor. Go behind the scenes at The Royal Mews to learn more the Carriages and Horses that will be used.



THE MEG – Official trailer.

A deep sea submarine is attacked by Megalodon, a giant 75-foot shark that was thought to be extinct for over millions of years. With the ship disabled at the bottom of the sea, a rescue diver and oceanographer must quickly work to rescue the crew. It is based on the 1997 science fiction book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. It is slated for release on August 10, 2018.



Russia illuminatus? Waltz 2, Suite for Variety Orchestra of Shostakovich.

“The Suite for Variety Orchestra (post-1956) is a suite in eight movements by Dmitri Shostakovich. The work consists of a collection of movements which derive from other works by the composer. For many years the Suite for Variety Orchestra was misidentified as the “lost” Suite for Jazz Orchestra No. 2 (1938) and Shostakovich actually labelled the work as “No. 1”, but no “No. 2” is known to exist. However, Shostakovich biographer Derek Hulme announced in 2000 the discovery of a Suite for Variety Orchestra No. 2 in four movements.” From Wiki.


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