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Theresa May’s first PMQs: 20 July 2016.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, answered questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Wednesday 20 July 2016. This was her first Prime Minister’s questions. To find out more about this week’s questions, including links to the transcript, visit:… ; ;

Open Board Meeting June 3, 2016. On Insurance companies that own banks.

Opening Statement on Insurance Capital Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Enhanced Prudential Standards Proposed Rule for Systemically Important Insurance Firms by Chair Janet L. Yellen Today, we are considering two proposals related to the insurance companies subject to the Federal Reserve’s oversight. The first...

Open Board Meeting May 3, 2016. NEW BANKING RULES.

Matters of the meeting: Liquidity Risk Measurement Standards and Disclosure Requirements, Restrictions on Qualified Financial Contracts of Systemically Important U.S. Banking Organizations and the U.S. Operations of Systemically Important Foreign Banking Organizations; Revisions to the Definition of Qualifying Master Netting Agreement and Related Definitions.   Agencies Propose...

Open Board Meeting of the FED – July 20, 2015.

Watch a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on the final rule to establish risk-based capital surcharges for systemically important bank holding companies and the final order applying enhanced prudential standards to General Electric Capital Corporation under Section 165 of...

The worst article of Newsweek?

Response to Newsweek Magazine on the Bible and Christianity and an excellent Bible class. ; ; SOURCE:

Rajoy asegura que las decisiones del Gobierno han permitido aflorar 124.000 millones de euros.

En el Congreso, durante la sesión de control al Gobierno, Mariano Rajoy ha señalado que, entre los años 2012, 2013 y 2014, las actuaciones en la lucha contra el fraude han recaudado 34.785 millones de euros, “los mejores datos de la historia” de la Agencia...

INET summit in Paris: George Soros and Varoufakis. Two of a kind?

A special conversation with George Soros and Chrystia Freeland on the Future of Europe.   Yanis Varoufakis and Joseph Stiglitz. ;

Bernanke’s objections to Federal Reserve accountability bill.

Ben Bernanke: Both Congress and the executive branch have exerted undue influence on the Fed, but this bill could be a way in which Congress would assert undue influence on monetary policy.

Tusk: Juncker’s investment plan is no ‘silver bullet’.

“The European Strategic Investment Plan is not the silver bullet. But if anyone has ideas to overcome the economic crisis with one stroke, stand up please,” said European Council President Donald Tusk on Wednesday in the European Parliament.

Season’s Greetings: EU avoids ‘Jesus’ in Xmas cards so as not to offend other religions.

It is the festive season, but some councils in England are afraid to wish you Happy Christmas. In fact they are even opting not to use images of Jesus on their Xmas cards – worried they might offend other religions. Source: RT LIVE ; M.M.: Texas even...