Some Links with “Missing” News and Articles of Interest.

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–         Many of America’s most powerful women went to a college you’ve never heard of… I guess.

–         Empty trash. Buy milk. Forge history. Computers have now allowed historians to use lists even more systematically in order to get at broad trends over time.

–         Why some of America’s most prominent minds fell for the wildly eccentric ideas of Wilhelm Reich?

–         ‘Think Yiddish, act British’!

–         Nazis and nudity. Mein Kampf sold well in the Third Reich, as did a book of naked, well-oiled Germans exercising. Naïve Insanity?

–         Harvard has lost faith in itself.

–         We want universities to be engines of economic growth. More graduates = higher GDP, right? But look at Switzerland’s strong economy.


–         Why would China’s rise be any different?

–         ‘Once upon a time, perusing a book about the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, I noted that some twelve centuries before Homer, in about 2000 B.C.E., the scribe Khakheperresenb was already voicing what I like to call Khakheperresenb’s Complaint: “Would I had phrases that are not known,” the scribe laments’

–         Postmodernism is dead. But before throwing a shovelful of dirt on this dominant idea – or clever sham? – A question: What the hell was that about?


–         George W. Bush looks great. Two-plus years as a civilian have been good to him. Plenty of time to read now (fascinated by Genghis Khan). Scary, he is reading! And then think of Zapatero in two years! Good God!


–         What Happens when a Leftist Philosopher Discovers God? I do not know … that then comes the wheel?

–         The End of the Future: no new Economic Long Waves?

–         “We live in a world where information is potentially unlimited,” says George Dyson. “Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive. Where is the meaning?”… Good question, but the article … well, it is “European”.



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