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Nobel Price Youtube’s channel interviews 2017 “Nobel” in Economics.

Richard H. Thaler describes some of the impacts of his work on behavioural economics in this telephone interview recorded immediately after the public announcement of the award of his Prize in Economic Sciences. He also explains the concept of the ‘nudge’, and looks forward to...

Faith and Scepticism in Markets. Sveriges Riksbank Prize 2013. By T. Sabri Öncü.

The 2013 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, wrongly called the Nobel in Economics, has evoked much comment about the apparently contradictory perspectives of two of the winners, Eugene Fama and Robert Shiller. The third, and least known among the winners, Lars Hansen, has probably...

Jay Richards: Popular Myths on Economics.

Another great interview from Del Pino’s Fundation that deserves more time and reflection especially nowadays when we need to take key decisions and when seems that myths prevail over Economics.